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Dear Boss Lady,

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and stressed having to juggle between business, family, friends & health?

👩‍💻 You focus on business... your family, health & friends seem to suffer.
👪 You focus on family... your business & health seem to suffer.
👯 You focus on friends... your business & health seem to suffer.
🏃‍♀️ You focus on health... your family, business & friends seem to suffer.

So, is there such thing as a happy medium? Are you able to have success over all aspects of your life, to feel truly fulfilled and happy? The answer is YES and we would love to show you how.

For years we've been struggling with the same problem as you, we weren't able to find the right balance between business, health, family & friends to ensure we were successful & happy with how we spent our time.

... this lead to us feeling guilty and disconnected.

After hundreds of hours reading books, researching, having mentorship calls, and putting ourselves in the communities that would give us the answers to this ONE problem we were all having...

We found the solution. We now have complete control over our schedule & for the first time, we are:

✔️ The most successful we've ever been in business.
✔️ The happiest we've ever been with our friends & families.
✔️ The healthiest we've ever been both physically & mentally.

So what next?

Over the past 9-months, we have received thousands of emails & direct-messages with the same issue "I can't seem to balance my schedule... how can I fit everything into my day?"

So we decided to create a 6-week program, that takes YOU from where you are currently, to removing the juggling act and replacing it with a set of skills that will allow you to schedule your day effectively.

By the end of the 6 weeks we want you to walk away with complete confidence that you can schedule your way to success, to be the best version of yourself in business, family, friends & health.

Now, taking on a big change like this by yourself is tough, you need a community of like-minded ladies to help you smash through any challenges you face, as well as your accountability partners that will help you stick to your commitments & goals every week.

That's why we've built the perfect community for women like you to thrive in, not only will you have the support & accountability... but you'll have all the proven strategies, systems and processes at your fingertips to grow and scale your productivity, efficiency and most of all.. your life.

We would love for you to join us on this 6-week journey and we're so excited to see you on the inside.

- Sandi & Natalia
✅Instant Access To The Private Community of members to network and collaborate with

✅Weekly Live Q&A Coaching plus individual hot seat opportunities

Monthly Training Video focused on the foundational 4 pillars: Business, Relationships, Self Care & Community

✅Resources for planning your goal achievement and organizing your life

✅Monthly Book Club to deep dive into self development

✅First Access to Exclusive Project In Charge events and retreats (plus monthly contests!)

Natalia Kern is a business consultant to female entrepreneurs. She helps build, grow and scale her clients businesses, while helping balance the most important aspects of their life through self-care and self-coaching. 

Sandi Glandt is a productivity and business strategist for women who are looking to maximize their time, gain productivity and take back time and energy in their day! 
Struggles are inevitable, suffering is optional. 

If you want to have a support system in business, relationships, self care, and a tribe of women who have your back, our community is for you!

You should definitely enroll if you:

✅Need a group of like-minded women to talk to.

✅Want coaching, accountability, and support.

✅Need direction and a clear path towards your goals.

✅Want to succeed in all aspects of your life.

✅Want a better family/work-life balance.

✅Want to live a more fulfilled life.
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